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Do's and Don'ts During IVF Treatments

If you want to maximize the chances of being able to reproduce, you should follow some of the guidelines. There are do's and don'ts of IVF (during IVF treatment) that may affect one's chances of success. Both physical as well emotional status may affect your reproduction capability. So follow these tips:

Do's of IVF

1. Before going through the treatment in any fertility clinics, know enough about the clinics and it's success rate. Search about the doctors, kind of treatment you want, capability of the lab and cost required.

2. Have some basic knowledge about the IVF process and procedure. This will lessen the stress since you will have knowledge about the process and can prepare yourself for it.

3. Avoid stress. Try moving away from the humdrum of the stressful life. Avoid any kind of things or works that can add up stress level in your life. Skip or keep in hold the things such as starting a new job, quitting a job, switching jobs, academic problems and other.

4. Follow your doctor's advice whic may involve plenty rest, eating right, and taking medicines as proper time.

5. Seek help of support group and seek help from your relatives. Do things you like and love.

Don'ts of IVF

1. Don't ignore the advice of fertility doctors.

2. Avoid the group of socially negative person. They will exaggerate the process and will demotivate you.

3. Don't miss your medicine, sleep and rest.

4. Avoid toxication, smoking and harmful substances at any cost.