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Egg Freezing :Infertility treatment

Egg Freezing

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Egg freezing is also known as oocyte cryopreservation. Egg freezing is an infertility treatment that involves preserving a woman's eggs. Egg freezing has come to aid in the infertility treatment of women. Egg freezing involves extraction, freezing and storing the eggs as a method of preserving women's reproductive potential for some preferable time. This was mainly develop to enable those women who, due to studies or other circumstances don't want to get pregnant at the most suitable and fertile time of women. The frozen eggs can be store for many years without compromising the quality of the eggs. When the women want to conceive, the frozen eggs are unfreezed, fertilized and transferred to the women's uterus; resulting pregnancy.Egg freezing is basically for those who want to conceive later but don't want to compromise with the egg quality and chances of fertility. Studies done all over the world, has shown that the fertility rate decreases in women with age due to germ cell deterioration. However, the uterus remain completely functional even in the very elderly age. So, if you want to conceive at older age; after 35 you can give birth do a healthy baby the natural way, since your uterus will be functioning alright.

Reason for Egg Freezing:

Some of the reason for egg freezing are: Women who want to pursue their educational, professional or personal goal so they have to delay marriage or conceiving. Women who are diagnosed with cancer need to freeze their egg so that they could use those egg after their therapies because the radiation can destroy the egg bearing capacity. Women who are to go through reproductive system operation. It may be the best choice to keep a backup; incase the operation goes wrong.

Egg Freezing Process:

Egg freezing is similar to in-vitro-fertilization regarding hormone-injection process. Pre blood test and pelvic ultrasound is done to determine the dosages of medication. The women are given injection for hormonal stimulation for 10-12 days, which help the eggs(usually 5-6) to mature. The eggs are collected from the ovaries. This process involves a needle passing through vaginal wall into each ovary. After the collection, the patient can go home with 1-2 hour rest. After the eggs have been obtained, it undergo vitrification. After vitrified, the eggs can be stored for years without degrading the quality of egg.

Egg Freezing Cost

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Risk involved in Egg freezing

Though, there seem to be no risk to children born with from egg freezing but chances are there that women who undergo the process may have vaginal/uterine bleeding and OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome). The small risk also involve IVF-associated risk such as multiple pregnancy, premature delivery, and infant with low birth weight.