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Endometrial Biospy

What is Biospy?

Before getting into know more about endometrial biospy, let's talk about biospy first.
Biospy is a medical test that involves extraction of tissues for examination. Biospy is done expecially to determine the presence and analyze the status of the disease. The extracted sample is carefully examined under microscope for the analysis of the disease. Biospy is used to analyze the cells for cancer.

Endometrial biospy is the biospy of endrometrium, which is the tissue lining the inner cavity of uterus. So, need to say endometial biospy is for female or women. This small sample obtained is very helpful for the doctor to examine uterus cancer, hormone levels and abnormality in uterus.

Why Endometrial biospy?

Endometrial biospy is performed by doctor for

  • Endometrial and uterus cancer
  • Fertility evaluation
  • body response to hormone therapy
  • Abnormality of uterus such as abnormal uterus bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding

Risk involved Endometrial Biospy

Endometrial biospy is safe, generally. But, cramp and pelvic pain can be observed for some time. While some bleeding after the procedure is consider normal. Surgery from unexperienced hand may bring complication too. So always go for the best surgeon and best infertility treatment center.

Process of Endometrial Biospy

  • Anesthesia is provided to patient and is asked to lie down for pelvic examination.
  • Speculum is inserted into vagina and cervix will be cleansed with an antiseptic solution.
  • Some tissue will be removed and sent to laboratory for test.
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