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IMSI in Nepal

IMSI (Intracytoplasmic morphologically-chose Sperm Infusion)

infertility treatment nepal, best ivf center in Nepal,iui-nepal Now let's look on other IVF in Nepal. So that you can have a clear view about it. IMSI is a lab method utilized as a part of IVF medicines (IVF) and includes embeddings sperm into the egg. It is a upgrade version of ICSI. It uses a higher-power of microscope for sperm selection. IMSI is a continuous strategy where sperm is chosen before the microinjection. This is finished utilizing a modified magnifying instrument that can give considerably more prominent amplifying power (around 6000 times) than that regularly utilized as a part of regenerative research centers (400 times) to do ICSI. It can give full detail of sperm along with the nucleus and genetic material.

IMSI Process

IMSI is similar to ICSI, except that 15 times higher power microscope is used. With the help of this microscope, detail information of sperm can be generated which can be useful while choosing the best sperm sample for further use. This may be crusual for best outcome of

Success Rate of IUI

With this magnifying lens, Biologists can see the inside morphology of sperm and dispose of those with variations from the normal. Choosing the best sperm can reduce the chances of premature delivery and boost the child health too. According to the study, pregnancy rate was significantly higher around 60% and miscarriage was significantly lower about 15% in the those couple who had gone through IMSI.
Those couple who are fed up with the unsuccessful result of ICSI and conventional IVF, they should once try IMSI. IMSI takes about 1 to several hours. The price of IMSI is significantly higher than ICSI and IVF since it need experienced embryologists and high-end technology.