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Minimal IVF in Nepal

What is Mini IVF?

mini-ivfMinimal Stimulation in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is also known as Mini IVF or Micro IVF. This medication offers infertile couples an alternative to traditional IVF. Minimal Stimulation IVF is carried out using minimal doses of stimulating hormones within a woman’s natural menstrual cycle in order to collect multiple quality eggs. Minimal Stimulation IVF is designed to recruit only a few but high quality eggs which avoid the risks of hyper stimulation, reducing the number of injections and dramatically reducing the cost. When patients think of IVF; their first reaction is often the fear of daily injections of hormones for a long duration of time; the high cost of the drugs, risk of multiple pregnancy and consequent prematurity, hyper stimulation syndrome and very poor quality embryos in older women with low ovarian reserves. But minimal stimulation IVF is a very unique approach that simplifies IVF treatments for patients which reduces the cost while maintaining the same success rates. Minimal stimulation IVF can improve one’s embryo or eggs quality and result in pregnancy. This medication is not just a simple-minded reduction in hormonal stimulation, it is an ingeniously conceived and completely different approach to IVF that saves the patient much of the complexity and cost associated with more conventional IVF protocols.

Advantage of Mini IVF:

  • Low medication needed
  • Closeer to natural way of getting preganent for female.
  • Minimum Side Effects due to lower medication
  • Cost effective compared to conventional IVF.
  • Shorter waiting time incase of failure.

Vatsalya IVF Center is the poineer of Minimal Stimulation in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in Nepal. Contact us for more information.