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Natural IVF in Nepal

What is Natural IVF?

Natural IVF in NepalNatural IVF is also known as Natural Cycle IVF(in vitro fertilization). Natural IVF emphasizes on quality of egg, rather than quantity of eggs. It is an in vitro fertilization but without excessive use of medication to stimulate the ovary to make multiple eggs. It is a gentler fertility treatment on the body. It is the closest or so to say nearest IVF treatment to natural fertilization. No or minimal fertility drugs/ injections are used in the Natural IVF.

Natural IVF is a proposed IVF treatment for reducing the risk of multiple pregnancies, eliminating the cost and risk associated with fertility drugs, and reducing the time commitment needed. Natural fertility involves collecting one egg that has been naturally selected and matured by the body, and fertilized egg (embryo) is placed back on the womb.

History of Natural IVF:

Natural IVF is the oldest fertility treatment being used. Dr. Robert Edwards and Dr. Patrick Steptoe were the first to use Natural IVF to conceive baby, named Louise Brown. Louise Brown is also the world’s first test-tube baby. As the infertility field develop, more and more fertility drugs were used to produce more number of eggs during one cycle. The protocol to use more and more fertility drugs became today's conventional IVF. Keeping in the mind the risk associated with conventional IVF, many physicians begins to practice natural IVF. Dr. Osamu Kato was considered the hand behind the movement to use natural protocol for IVF.


  • Higher quality eggs:
  • Better implantation:
  • Patient friendly: This treatment is patient friendly, no need to takes drugs and no need to visit the clinic or hospital for regular checkups. The checkup are few.
  • Safer for women:There are no side-effects such as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), bloating, mood swing or other concerns realted to ovarian stimulation. The risk of multiple pregnancy is also decreased via this method.
  • More affordable: Since no or minimum fertility drugs and injections are used, the price will be lower as comparative to conventional IVF.
  • Healthier babies: Since quality is taken concern than the quantity of the egg. The child will be healthier.


Due to the use of no or minimal fertility drugs, the probability of getting pregnancy is lesser as compared to other IVF treatment.

Whom for Natural IVF?

  • Who wants to take limited amount of drugs for fertility treatment
  • Who do not produce many egg follicles when stimulated by hormones
  • Who are at higher risk for OHSS ( Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome)
  • For low budget

Steps involved:

  • Fertility consultation & Scan
  • Treatment Consultation
  • Scans & Blood tests
  • Egg Collection
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Pregnancy test