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PGD: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

What is PGD?

PGD is a genetic test of embryos prior to implantation produced in the process of IVF. PGD is a prenatal diagnosis. PGD gives necessary information about the embryos’ health which can be very useful for the successful pregnancy in the process of IVF. With the help of this techniques, only the healthy embryos is transferred giving birth to healthy child. PGD requires IVF to obtain oocytes or embryos for evaluation. PGD is helpful in studying the DNA of embryos which is very helpful in avoiding genetic diseases. It is useful when the family has some sort of chromosomal or genetic disorder. The world’s first PGD was done in London by Handside, Kontogianni and Winston at Hammersmith Hospital. This resulted in two twins and one singleton pregnancy. PGD is known for selecting best embryos in case of genetic disorder, which in-turn increase the chances of successful pregnancy.

PGD is helpful for:

  • Those couple who have genetic disorder in there chromosome
  • Couple with multiple pregnancy failure
  • If either of the couple has been suffering from congenital diseases
  • Those couple who prefer predefined sex in their child
  • If either the couple are carriers of same autosomal recessive condition, x-linked condition, hereditary cancer syndrome

PGD Benefit

  • Different genetic condition will not be passed to the child
  • Lower pregnancy risk
  • Identify best embryos; resulting in healthy child
  • Pre-knowledge of child sex
  • Peace of Mind

PGD Process

  • Patient Counseling: Telling what they are going through and what they can expect and process involved.
  • PGD Testing Preparation: According to the couple, necessary design is made. Since, each test is unique. Special Case study and review is necessary.
  • IVF Cycle: resulting in healthy child
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