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PGS (Preimplantation genetic screening)

What is PGS?

PGS is a genetic test of embryos prior to implantation produced in the process of IVF. PGS is a test that determines whether the embryo is defected or carries any congenital diseases. PGS gives necessary information about the embryos’ health which can be very useful for the successful pregnancy in the process of IVF. With the help of this techniques, only the healthy embryos is transferred giving birth to healthy child. PGS is the best and the only option to avoid genetic disease on new birth. PGS is carried out with regards to genetic materials in embryos. The right structure and amount of chromosome result in healthy and fully developed foetus, resulting in successful pregnancy. On the other hand, incorrect number of chromosome, result in miscarriage and unsuccessful IVF treatment.

PGS is helpful for:

  • Those couple who had multiple IVF failure
  • Couple with multiple miscarriages
  • If either of the couple has been suffering from congenital diseases

Benefits from PGS:

With the use and implantation of embryos with best chromosome, the chances of pregnancy is increased while risk of miscarriage is decreased. Since, the best embryos is selected pregnancy can be achieved with lesser IVF cycle, reducing the time and cost of IVF treatment. Also, multiple pregnancy can be avoided with the use of single embryo.

Process involved in PGS

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