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Why Fertility Nepal???

Fertility Nepal is the best IVF center in Nepal. The team of Fertility Nepal comprises of world-class specialists and doctors. Our team consists of specialists from Germany, Japan and United States. This is the reason why it is regarded as the best fertility center in Nepal. It has been rendering it's services to all the citizen of the world. The success rate of Fertility Nepal is high. We have successfully treated infertile couples and succeeded with more than 300 cases of healthy babies born within short period of time.

We understand that every woman dream to have a baby. But some women can't because of their physical problem, financial problem and social problem. Keeping this in mind, we offer affordable cost for treatment, and provide necessary social supports. You need not have to go to developed countries for fertility treatment now, which means affordable and lesser cost for infertility treatment. Thanks to Fertility Nepal.

Fertility Nepal not only has world-class specialist, but also facilates world-class laboratory dedicated to infertility treatment. Fertility Nepal uses the latest and advanced technologies available in the field of fertility to treat the infertile patients. This is the main reason for the higher successful rate.